A disciplined approach

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Comprehensive Private client services

Specializing in large wealth management and family office clientele

A history of trusted client relationships

Built on understanding your needs

Specializing in large wealth management and family office clientele.

Commerce Advisors maintains a disciplined approach to client services.

Highly qualified professionals delivering a consistently strong service.

If we haven’t simplified your financial life, we haven’t reached our standard.

At the center of it all is you.

The focal point of our business model is the client. As your goals and needs change, our wheel—our process—continues to turn, with us constantly asking the question, “What if?” and providing the most effective answer.

This is the process we use for every relationship. It’s not stagnant. It’s perpetual. As we finish one step, we immediately begin working on the next. Even after we’ve completed the cycle, we begin again—always monitoring, searching and discovering alternatives to optimize your financial approach.

At every step, we communicate with you, making sure you understand exactly what your options are.

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