Commerce Advisors maintains a disciplined approach to client services.

Our team assesses client relationships through a deep understanding of our client’s goals with frequent communications throughout the year. Through the implementation and execution of our client’s plan, as well as ongoing monitoring and reporting, our goal is not to simply accept assets, but to develop strong client relationships. We believe if we adhere to our disciplined client service strategy, we then ensure that our clients will see our value proposition. We will then gain their respect as a trusted adviser.

Our Services

Financial Planning

Comprehensive Financial Planning

» Pre and post retirement planning
» Estate planning and review
» Cash flow analysis
» Long-term care analysis
» Personal net worth review and updates
» Education Planning
» Income replacement analysis
» Wealth transfer planning and advising


Retirement Plan Services

» Self directed IRAs (Traditional, Roth & Roth Conversion Analysis)
» Education IRAs
» Required minimum distribution analysis
» Simplified Employee Pensions and Keogh plans
» 401k, pension and profit sharing plans
» SIMPLE plans for small businesses
» Planning for lump sum and periodic distributions

Portfolio Management

Asset Management

» Fee-based portfolio management
» Open architecture
» Asset allocation review
» Bond portfolio analysis

Business Services

Corporate Services

» Retirement plans
» Key-person life insurance
» Disposition of proceeds on sale of business
» Buy/sell agreement analysis
» Business succession planning

Our Approach to Fees

Our view and approach to fees are based on providing transparency so there is no misunderstanding regarding expectations of your Commerce Advisors team and how we are compensated for the services we provide.

We construct fee arrangements that best align our interest with our clients. In our view, the use of asset based fees or fixed retainer fees are the two best ways to determine fees given our scope of services. Fees are estimated based upon size, complexity of the wealth management plan, client expectation of scope of service and estimates of our input costs.

Should we be requested to perform projects outside of our anticipated scope of service, we would estimate a separate non-recurring fee and obtain client approval before commencement of the project.

Commerce Advisors, LLC (Commerce Advisors) is a comprehensive private client services firm specializing in large wealth management and family office clientele. Commerce Advisors is an SEC registered investment advisor.

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