Our Process
Our Process
Our Process

Providing strong services to all clients

Commerce Advisors maintains a disciplined approach to client services.  Our team assesses client relationships through a deep understanding of our client’s goals with continuous communications throughout the year.  Through the implementation and execution of our client’s plan, as well as continuous monitoring and reporting, our goal is not to simply accept assets, but to develop strong client relationships. We believe if we adhere to our disciplined client service strategy, we then ensure our clients will see our value proposition.  We will then gain their respect as a trusted adviser.

Our Process

Our Process

When you meet with Commerce Advisors, LLC, we work with you to understand your existing financial and professional landscape, identifying needs, concerns, and uncertainties, while coordinating and communicating with you and your additional advisors.

Developing a strategy that fits you and your family (or business) is an important next step. It’s here where we begin – to define goals, expectations, timelines for fiscal soundness, and discuss compensation and exclusions.

As we finalize your strategy evaluation, it’s now time to finalize contracts, applications, and complete the process of becoming one of your trusted advisors. And for you to meet your client-service team and become one of our valued clients.

Implementation through careful communication is key as we begin the journey of making investment allocations, cash-flow schedules, establish annuities, and more.

As your advisor, we monitor and review performance and cash flows, while evaluating results to keep expectations, and review allocations to long-term goals and monitor risk.

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